所謂的Social networking sites就是指目前當下最流行的社群網站。網路的流行,促使許多social networking sites的崛起。有好有壞,好的是訊息的流通更加迅速,以前可能一年見兩次的朋友,要見面才能夠catch up互相的近況。現在呢? 就算一年之內都沒有見面,如果有加好友,也可以知道他最近發生甚麼事情。不好的地方在於,人與人之前face to face的接觸變的更少,雖然知道彼此的近況,但是感情卻一直停留在不熟的階段。以前有一句話,叫做見面三分情,畢竟人是感情的動物,如果一直透過網路交流,會變得太虛擬又不真實,情感上的交流當然就會更少。這樣的社交方式,在情感面上,實在是起不了太大的作用。






Do you use social networking sites?

Here's what people in London said:

I actually only use Facebook but not very often. My friend, she's literally addicted. I mean, there's nothing to do on Facebook other than like… you're literally looking at people's pictures and their comments and stuff but people are on it for hours. I don't get it sometimes.

Yes, I do! Facebook! Mainly to stay in contact with people who I know but I don't see very often.

I use Facebook and My space sometimes. But that's about it. Like, I don't use Twitter 'cos I don't really understand it. I use Facebook all the time. It's quite bad!



Let’s dig in!



When talking about social networking sites,Facebook is the top one that comes to mind. Even so, there are still people refusing to use Facebook because they find it wasting time and ruining people’s life. However, for many people, Facebook has become part of their life.

What do people usually do with Facebook?Some people take pictures, tag each other, check in to places, poke friends,play games, check out other’s status, leave comments, make comments, etc.Information flows in just a matter of seconds with Facebook. Good things flows fast and so does bad things. Readers must also keep in mind that not all the posting on Facebook are trustworthy. Internet could cause many scams and flaws because people tend to be less responsible to what they say.

When you have your own business, you can use Facebook as a tool to help you promote. However, in the aspect of using Facebook as your personal diary, I do not think it is such a good idea.



Word bank



。Literally 就字面上來看,是一種強調用語
He is literally obsessed with the girl because everyone can tell it from the way he looks at her.

。Addicted 沉迷
Many people are addicted to their smart phones and tend to neglect people around them.

。Stay in contact with 與…保持聯絡
People used to stay in contact with each other through home phone or even letters.

。That’s about it 就只有這樣
I would like to have a coffee and omelet today. That’s about it.



Tell me about it…



How long are you on Facebook everyday?
What do you usually do with your smart phone?
When was the first time you started using Facebook?
Where do you hang out with your friends to stay in contact with them?
Why do you think social networking sites are so popular nowadays?

Now tell us what you think!





“When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place.” -Mark Zuckerberg, CEO & Founder of Facebook

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